Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the Toast Referral Program Terms & Conditions for a complete overview of the program benefits and limitations.

How much will I earn for a referral?

A referral bonus of $500 is awarded to non-customers, and $1000 for existing Toast customers will be issued for each Qualified Referral. Toast employees, consultants, investors, and friends who refer a restaurant to Toast through the online referral form or in writing to a Toast employee may be eligible to receive a $500 referral bonus.

Who is not eligible for a referral bonus?

  • Employees of Toast technical integration and strategic partners with existing referral programs, including immediate family and household members; 
  • Toast employees within the Sales organization, including immediate family and household members; 
  • Employees of an authorized Toast reseller, including immediate family and household members; 
  • Restaurant owners, operators, or decision makers responsible for making the POS purchasing decision referring their own restaurants; 
  • Franchisors responsible for making the POS purchasing decision referring their own franchisees; and 
  • Individuals who are under 18 years old.

I referred multiple restaurants within the same group. Will I be rewarded for each location?

No. There is a limit of one bonus payout per restaurant brand or group. A restaurant brand or group is defined as either a franchise group or a corporate entity and its affiliates.

My referral has been live for 30 days. How come I have not been paid?

You must complete an electronic W9 and ACH form before a bonus payout can be issued. Please make sure your ACH and W9 forms have been filled out on the Banking and Tax Information page.

I already completed my W9 and ACH, why does this form keep showing up when I log in?

If you are eligible for a reward and there was an error when you completed your original W9 or ACH form, you will be prompted to complete these forms again until the error is corrected. 

I submitted a referral a while ago and haven’t heard anything since. What’s going on?

Visit My Account to see the status of referrals you’ve submitted. Once a referral is submitted, the information goes directly to the Toast Sales team, who will typically reach out the same day. 

What is a Qualified Referral?

 A “Qualified Referral” is a restaurant that you refer to Toast either through Toast’s Referral Program or in writing to a Toast Account Executive and: 

  • is not an existing lead in the Toast system;
  • enters into a Merchant Agreement Initial Order Form with Toast for POS services
  • has been live, processing transactions on the Toast platform for at least seven days.

Are verbal referrals accepted?

No. Verbal referrals are not accepted. Please submit referrals through the channels available on the Home Page by: 

  • Completing the Refer a Friend Form
  • Sharing your affiliate link directly with your network, on your website/blog, social media bios, etc. 
  • Using one of the templates provided to send an email or post to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn